58 Water Scenes For Your Desktop Wallpapers

During summer we all want to refresh ourselves with some water, by drinking it or by diving and swimming in it. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to go swimming or travel to a nice place to enjoy a beautiful view and cool blue water. Luckily, we can tease our minds with the enjoying view of a water scene desktop wallpaper. Enjoy these great photos.

Fantasy wallpaper

crystal water wallpaper

Open source wallpaper

Blue iceberg wallpaper

Coastal Sunset wallpaper

waterfall daydream wallpaper

Katherine Gorge Waterfall wallpaper

broken iceberg wallpaper

beautiful waterfall wallpaper

Water world wallpaper

Lake View wallpaper

tropical water world wallpaper

Tilicho Lake Widescreen wallpaper

ice water world wallpaper

Wilderness Lake wallpaper

water wallpaper

Moraine Lake wallpaper

Desert island wallpaper

Lake Effects wallpaper

Ice and water wallpaper

Narty Lake HDR wallpaper

Balance wallpaper

Hunt wallpaper

Calgary lake wallpaper

waterfalls wallpaper

The Hide-out wallpaper

Path to Paradise wallpaper

waterfall 2 wallpaper

Diver wallpaper

Nature wallpaper

Manarola Italy wallpaper

Killer whale wallpaper

Farewell wallpaper

water city wallpaper

Terragen wallpaper

Shore wallpaper

Hourglass wallpaper

Cities wallpaper

Tree wallpaper

Desktop Vacation - Daytime wallpaper

The Falls wallpaper

Guitar wallpaper

Reaching Out wallpaper

Architecture concepts wallpaper

Imminent Destruction wallpaper

water Planet wallpaper

No more rain wallpaper

water and clouds wallpaper

paris River side wallpaper

Costa Atlantica wallpaper

Paris - River side I wallpaper

Blue water wallpaper

Terragen - The Way God Made Me wallpaper

i'll find my way wallpaper

Persistence wallpaper

River Swat Kalam, Pakistan wallpaper

fish in the water wallpaper

Blue Dock wallpaper

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