30 Amazing Examples of Underwater Photography

“Underwater imaging is considered an especially challenging area of photography, since it requires very specialized equipment and techniques to be successful. Despite these challenges, it offers the possibility of many exciting and rare photographic opportunities.” -Wikipedia.
Underwater photography is one of the most challenging types of photography. Photographer requires special equipment and a good knowledge of advanced techniques and behavior of water animals, here we collected 30 amazing examples of underwater Photography captured by professional photographers. Each image is linked to the original source of the photograph.

1 cm Nemo by Eric Javier

Amphiprion ocellaris by Pedra GoniO
Anemone Fish by Eric Javier

Tarpon and Silversides by Mike Sutton Brown

angry... by Akterf

Bend by Andrey Narchuk

Crop Circles by Daniel Mejia

Albino Alligator by Jak Wonderly

Eclipse by Lennart Kuijs

Flying by Mikael Jigmo

Green Sea Turtle by Lorenzo Menendez

golden fish by Tina Terras

Golden Jellies by Jay Siak

Clownfish and Bubble by David Doubilet

I catch it before you by Mikael Jigmo

Lemon Shark at Sunset by Goos van der Heide

Tomato Clownfish by David Doubilet

Longtail by Alexander Semenov

Mr. Krab by Eric Javier

Manatee and Fish by Yusuke Okada

Sleeper by Shingo Uchiyama

Sting Rays by Ian Newman Goddarc

Surrounded by Norbert Probst

Humpback Whales in+ Sunlit Water by Jody MacDonald

Tentacles by Jesper Larsen

The Great Barracuda by Shahaira de Cuba

The Jetty by Mikael Jigmo

Coconut Island Fish by Gwen Goodmanlowe

The Mask by Andrey Narchuk

Too Close by Oren Cohen

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