The Best and Most Popular Blogger Templates

I would like today to introduce some really interesting themes blogger and can raise your blogger blog to the next level. Although the vast majority of templates are free, and is extremely hard to find paid templates to develop quality, I believe that this selection of themes for blogger has everything to be a success. As is willing to pay for a professional template for your blog . Tutorials "how to", please go to the original designer. Enjoy!

Grunge theme is ported to blogger by Anshul Dudeja and originally designed by Theme Labs.

Grunge Blogger Theme
Grunge is a simple template with a neat layout. It starts with the header where you can add your blog logo or title and description, and includes a navigation bar on the right with hover on effect. 

Download the Grunge Blogger Theme  

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Beautiful business blogger templates are like needles in a hay stack, but the Antagonist from be-Insight is a wonderful theme for any professional who wants to display his identity online.

Antagonist business template
This blog uses javascripts to create a look that no template has offered blogspot yet. Your homepage is divided into three sections thanks to the navbar, not really divided but the javascript functionality completely changes the page feel.

This template basically features an about, networks and blog section, the image above features the networking tab, if you click on any of the other tabs, this page compresses and then expands to feature the next tab that you have selected.

The blog has a fully functional blog, under the blog tab, this is definitely one of the themes that pushes the capabilities of blogger to a level that has not seen before.

Although it would be even nicer to have a magazine style theme like this one. You can download the template from the link below, its available in four different colours.

Download the Antagonist Business Theme

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Vacation Fun is a travel theme designed by EZwpthemes and converted to blogger by Theme Craft.

Vacation Fun, a Travel Blog Theme
Its a 2 column template with a cool header image, that makes it a good theme to document your travel journeys. The blog headline and tagline appears at the center of the image. The menu bar blends with the header image, and can be used to display your categories, while on the right is a neat RSS icon.

The main column starts with the post headline and the post details like author, labels, time and date stamp appear below the post and comments are at the bottom of the post.

The single sidebar on the right starts with an internal search box, then a welcome note for your readers followed by the default blogger widgets. This theme also has a 2 column footer space where you can add your recent posts and comments.

Download the Vacation Fun Blogger Template

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Topzglow is a 2 column theme designed by Simply WP and converted to blogger by Anshul.

Topzglow blog theme
This template has a funky header image embedded with few electronic gadgets. Although its a tech-related theme, Topzglow is not packed with features, thus catering to a casual technology blogger.

The main column starts with the post headline and a comment bubble on the right while the rest of the post details like author, time and labels appear at the end. The single column on the right consists a Twitter icon to keep your readers posted with the latest updates.

Below it the Subscribe to blog option, followed by the default blogger features like labels, recent posts etc. The theme also has the comment avatar feature activated. Overall Topzglow has a neat layout and suitable if you want to blog about technology.

Download the Topzglow Blogger Skin

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LK Magazine Blogger Theme is originally created for blogger by Lasantha. Its a 4 column template packed with plenty of features, if you have lot of content, then you can consider using this template. Let's go through some of its features.

LK Magazine Blogger Template

Download LK Magazine Blogger Template

Lasantha has released the second version of LK Magazine Blog Template -
Download the Version 2 LK Magazine Blog Template


Template TV is a 3 column theme created by Templates Novo Blogger. As usual her themes are very interesting in terms of features and layout. Let's take a look.

Blogger Template TV
This theme is ideally suited for movies or an entertainment blog. The header splits into two, one the left appears the blog title and one line brief of your blog, and the right you can insert a banner ad. Below that is the horizontal menu to add pages and categories. The header image has plasma TV images with shots of various TV soaps. You can download the PSD files of the plasma TVs in case you are keen on making changes in the header.

Download the Blogger Template Television

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Lightfolio is a 2 column theme, created by Dynamicwp and ported to blogger by Blogger Template Place. It has a neat layout with a simple black and gray colour scheme.

Lightfolio Blogger Skin
The look of this template is slightly different. The header space is a bit narrow, so you can add your blog title and tag line, followed by a horizontal menu bar and an internal search box on the right.

There are 3 boxes below the menu bar that can be used to either to display blogger widgets - Recent Comments, Posts, Followers gadget - or ads. The main column has the headline on top, post details like author name, date stamp below it and labels, comments at the end of the post.

While the single sidebar has the regular format, where you place the remaining blogger widgets.

Download the Lightfolio Blogger Skin

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Tea Time is a lovely blog skin designed and coded by Ezwpthemes. Its a 2 column theme that can be used for book, food or drinks blog.

tea time blogger template
It has an extended header image that includes several features. The blog name appears on a suspended placard, followed by the menu bar and a small welcome note for your readers, you can add text there from Design--Page Elements and click on edit 'About'. The menu bar can be changed from Design-Page Elements, click on edit top tabs and add your links.

To the right of the header is Recent Posts and Recent Comments that can be activated from Design--Page Elements, and below that is the internal search box. The RSS icon has been placed at the side of the main column, you need to add the blog feed url in Edit Html.

The main post area is quite different as compared to other blog designs. It starts with the headline, followed by the author name, labels and at the end of the post you have social bookmarking icons so readers can tag your post on other social networks. Below this the comments appear on a menu card, that looks quite neat and adjacent to comments is the date stamp.

While the sidebar on the right side of the diary is to display blogger widgets like Categories, Archives and much more.

Download the Tea Time Blogspot Skin

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Photorama is a 2 column template created by Templates Block. Its a simple photo blog theme.

Photorama Blog Theme
This template doesn't include a photo gallery, so the rest of the layout is like the regular blogger template. The main column starts off with the date stamp, followed by the blog title and other post details come at the end of the post.

The sidebar on the right can be used to add other blog widgets like Recent Posts, Archives, Comments etc.

Download the Photorama Blog Theme

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Created by Dynamic WP and made available on blogger by Blogger Template Place, Natural Paper is a 2 column blogspot theme that can be used either for a nature or a personal blog.

Natural Paper Blogspot Template
Its got a catchy header space with the leaves and a transparent menu bar to display your categories. On the extreme right is the green RSS feed icon and below that your blog title will appear.

The look of the 2 columns is in the form of a diary page, so the main column has the author name, date stamp and comments below the headline and labels at the end of the post. Read More feature is also incorporated in the theme.

The single sidebar on the left includes the default blogger widgets and you can add more gadgets of your choice. The single column also has the Subscribe to Feed option. Overall. Natural Paper is a decent template with a simple layout.

Download the Natural Paper Blogspot Template

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Sevim is a professional looking theme created by Newwpthemes and ported to blogger by Besttheme.

Sevim, professional Blogger Theme
Its a 2 column blogger template with dual menu bars, each above and below the header. Next to the blog logo there is space for a banner ad. One of the features of this theme is the automatic slider that can be used to put up you favorite posts. 

In the main post area, details such as time stamp and author comes below the headline and labels are at the end of the post. Like most templates, this one too has Read More integrated in it.

The single side column includes social bookmarking icons - Twitter, Facebook, Digg etc. - internal search box, ad space and a featured video section to upload your favorite videos. The remaining space can be used for additional blogger widgets.

Download the Sevim Blogger Theme

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A sweet template is what I would call the Choco Blogger Theme, an original creation of  Best Theme and ported to blogger by New WP Themes.

choco blogger blog template
The sidebar on the right includes the social bookmarking icons, which you can activate from Edit Html. Below that are two banner ads, RSS subscribe icon and follow me on twitter image. Choco template also includes a Featured Video section to put up any videos of your choice.

Download the Choco Blogger Theme

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Bloggermint is a premium theme designed by Franklin Manuel. Its a 3 column template with a clean layout and some cool features, which are easy to customize.

bloggermint premium blogger template

The template consists of a dual navigation bar, which is above and below the header. 
This is followed by Recent Posts with thumbnails widget, default search box, Archives etc. Overall Bloggermint is lovely theme, can be used for a blog/site with multiple topics, professional blog etc.

Download the Bloggermint, a Premium Blogger Template

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After a long time we have a gaming template. Gamecraft is designed by Jinsona Theme and brought to blogger by

Gamecraft, the Gaming Blogger Theme

Gamecraft has a decent layout with nice features, although it can take time to load due to the number of images and javascripts.

Download the Gamecraft Gaming Blogger Theme

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Work-a-holic is a 3 column theme designed by Graph Paper Press and brought to blogger by Anshul. It primarily focuses on showcasing photos or designs of bloggers, illustrators, designers etc. 

The theme has a minimalistic and neat layout with easy navigation for users. The menu bar is adjacent to the blog title, and the search box is placed on extreme right. You can include a welcome message for your readers, which is above the main post area, and next to it is the Twitter widget showing your latest update. To activate Twitter, go to Design--Edit Html and look for the below code and replace it with your username -


The 3-column photo gallery automatically displays image from your post with the headline and labels. Also included in the template are the social bookmarking icons under each post. The right sidebar can be used to display your recent photos or labels.

Work-a-holic also has a 3 column footer, appearing only on the home page, that is completely widgetized. It simply gives you extra space to add more features on your photo blog.   

Download the Work-a-holic Blogspot Theme

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Jeans blogger template is designed by Template Mo and converted to blogger by Best Theme. Its a 3-column template that includes summarised posts on home page, sliding gallery and footer space.

Jeans blogger template

The blog title is in the middle of the menu bar on top, on the label of the jeans. Below that there is a broad space to write either an introductory note, a welcome message or anything else.

The main post area is divided into 3 columns to display summaries of each post with a Read More link to the complete article, and on entering the post author name and date stamp shows up after the headline, while the labels and comments come at the end of the post.

An interesting feature of this template is the sliding photo gallery at the bottom, you can add 100x100 image and link it to your post. 

Download the Jeans Blog Template

Live Demo

Viewport is a pretty unique 2 column theme converted by Wordpress to Blogger. The template basically displays your blog posts in a picture format, so it instantly captures your readers attention.

viewport blogger theme The layout of this theme is neat and simple. The blog title on top, followed by the menu bar, which also includes the RSS subscribe icon, and the search box on the extreme right. The post area is in the form of a slider, that shows a fairly big image (940 x 600 pixels), the headline appears on top and the post summary at the bottom right corner. On clicking the headline, readers will be taken to the post page.  

On entering the post, the image will automatically display in a banner format, then comes a box with your post details - the date stamp, labels and comments. The theme is really cool, the relevant posts in labels and archives also appear in a sliding panel, in a small box frame. Additional instructions are given in the download folder.

The right hand sidebar, that shows up on entering a post, includes the previous and next post along with different blogger widgets. Its a great theme to use for a professional or a photo blog, to make a presentation, display creative work etc.

Download the Viewport Blogger Theme

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Novinture is a magazine style 2 column blogspot theme created by CamelGraph and converted to blogger by Blogger Tricks.

Novinture Blogspot Theme

The template has a clean layout and includes several blogger features, lets go through some of them. Below the header image is the slideshow that displays featured posts along with the thumbnails at the side, the headline and description. 

Novinture displays automatic thumbnails on homepage and automatic post summaries. Making it easy for the readers to share the post on social networking sites, each post has the Facebook share button and Retweet button adjacent to the thumbnail.

Also enabled in this template is the page navigation feature, which many bloggers are opting for. The single sidebar on the right shows the RSS feed subscription box, an inbuilt search box and the default blogger widgets. That's not it there is also 4 column footer to allow you to put up various widgets.

Download the Novinture Blogspot Templates

Live Demo

Evander is a 2 column blogspot theme designed by Web2Feel and the blogger version is brought to us by BestTheme.

Evander Blogspot Template
The highlights of this template are a nice slider,
social bookmarking icons and recent post thumbnail widget.
The slider images appear on a MAC screen with the headline and a brief post summary.
Download the Evander Blogspot Theme

Live Demo

Another Picks;


A template designed and manufactured for all the freelancers and professionals who want to place an online portfolio quality. Highlight for navigation very attractive, the RSS feeds in focus, the latest work at the entrance of the home page and a footer quality where you can put static information important.
Type: Portfolio | Ideas: Creating online portfolio | Cost: Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”) Link (right click “save as”)


This is a blogger theme very simple but extremely well-organized. Its clean, pragmatic style is ideal for building any kind of blog, offering a font very beautiful, menu underscore, feature article and use of a great logo, keeping all the harmony existing in the template.
Type : Blog | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)

3. Mahusay

One blogger themes most beautiful and functional I have ever seen. Properly optimized and created just a monetization with Adsense, this template provides easy navigation, concise, practical, newsletter subscription highlighted, the top item highlighted, local advertising, use of images and articles, etc..
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


A blogger very interesting theme, ideal for use in blogs, tutorials, MMO, among others. Special attention to articles that are posted, the twitter, the banners of 125 × 125 balloons and also the comments. A very elegant theme, which can even be adapted to the level of colors.
Type : Blog / MMO | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


This template for blogger, is extremely elegant and simple, offers some versatility to the author, who can use it to maximize the potential of its content. This is a blogger theme of MK2 converted to WordPress, offering high quality and versatility.
Type : Blog | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)

6. Masinop

A template very well organized, with a left sidebar, fixed very interesting and versatile. His style is quite different from the common style of blogs, and content are presented hierarchically with arrows and properly presented.
Type : Blog | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)

7. Magazeen

One of the best wordpress theme now converted to blogger template. Magazeen This can be easily adapted to all kinds of markets, especially the creation of niche blogs, tutorials, MMO, TV series, movies, among many others.
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)

8. Compositio

This blogger template is one of the most well-known gamers. Extremely well designed and thought of the content, Compositio oferecegrande emphasis on RSS feeds, content, uses a sidebar of high quality and allows you to efficiently create attractive niche blogs, and professional quality.
Type : Blog / Magazine
| Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


One blogger themes of the most beautiful and efficient we have seen to date. Properly organized, it offers a strong emphasis on RSS subscriptions, especially the content and advertising, banner 125 × 125, and a sidebar efficient and targeted content.
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


Template blogger of great quality, with emphasis on social networks and RSS subscription. Possibility to use banner advertising to 125 × 125 pixels, optimized for integration with Google Adsense, simplified navigation and photos within the articles homepage. Also noteworthy was the sidebar of quality-oriented content.
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


A template blogger 3 columns, properly optimized for marketing banners 125 × 125 pixels. Extremely organized, professional, color very well chosen and two sidebars organized and thoughtful in the optimization of content.
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


A template blogger 3 column magazine style, properly oriented content, navigation and sub navigation, images from the content, feature article, sidebar, organized by tabs, among other advantages.
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


A blogger template for all those who would like to submit a gallery / showcase of works, a network of sites, blogs, photos or other. Properly organized in 3 columns, this blogger theme also offers a sidebar duly organized and beautiful icons, offering the RSS subscription highlighted and navigation at the top.
Type : Gallery / Showcase | Ideas : Creating gallery / showcase of sites, blogs, notebook on, pictures, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


Another blogger theme of high quality and focused on the content and the monetization. Perfect for blogs, tutorials, advice or MMO, has highlighted the RSS Feeds, highlight the author’s banner 125 × 125 pixels, and even high-quality buttons to the post’s comments.
Type : Blog | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, consulting, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


A blogger theme very nice especially the content on rotation at the top, navigation at the top and bottom, contents in the sidebar tabs for video, photos and popular optimization for advertising style beautiful and attractive contents, excerpts on the homepage, etc..
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating a personal blog, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


A blogger theme converted from a wordpress themes best known at the time. Ideal for building blog about movies, TV series or specific market niches. Featured content at the top and the sidebar make this blogger theme very efficient and versatile.
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating a blog about movies, TV series, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)


Another blogger theme converted from a wordpress theme. Viki
work This is ideal for building blogs, images, photography, wallpapers, and more. Very organized and beautiful, this template offers great versatility in the construction of creative blogs.
Type : Blog / Showcase | Ideas : Creating a blog about photography, pictures, wallpapers, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)

18. TypeBased

Another blogger theme converted from a wordpress theme. Versatility above all. This blogger offers great theme highlighted the level of content, authors and categories, providing further highlighted the banners of 125 × 125 pixels for a profitable efficient.
Type : Blog | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc.| Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)

19. Gamezine LITE

One of the most incredible blogger themes we’ve seen to date. Incredibly well thought out for those who wish to have a blog about video games and games with high quality and professionalism. Featuring a stylish navigation, the games featured on the homepage, the ability to have videos in the sidebar and also the top 5 this week, the advertising banner 125 × 125, etc..
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating blogs about video games, games, consoles, etc. | Cost : Free | Download : Link (right click “save as”)

20. SnapMagazine

This template has been designed for ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO). Thanks to tweaks in this template has a better possibility of getting your blog’s posts a better place in Search Results.Automatically Adds Related Posts to your posts based on Labels. Many Templates have problems in Intenet Explorer (IE). The CSS of this Template has been Customized to face no problem in IE. Expandable Posts is also included. Enjoy …
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Articles based posts, personal, reviews, etc.| Cost : Free | Links : Demo | Download

Most Popular Blogger Templates [Premium]


A blogger themes of the finest and most professional I have ever seen. Highlight for simplified navigation, featured articles, navigation of organized, optimized for advertising, professional style and clean.
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating personal blogs, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : $ 12 for single license | Links : Buy Elegumus


A blogger theme designed for those who want to create photo sites, blogs or papers on the Internet. With a look ultra professional, this template offers great versatility, optimal advertising, categorizing, voting galleries, among other incredible features to a blogger theme.
Type : Gallery / Showcase | Ideas : Creating a CSS gallery, sites, blogs, portfolio, etc. | Cost : $ 12 for single license |Links : Buy BuyThemes


For those who do not want to leave the blogger, but want an ultra professional template for your blog, Golden Grace is certainly the perfect choice. Navigation super simple, to focus on monetizing with advertising, to highlight high content, search, navigation and other details in a really incredible blogger theme.
Type : Blog / Magazine | Ideas : Creating a personal blog, tutorials, MMO, etc. | Cost : $ 14 dollars for single license | Links : Buy Golden Grace

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