44 Best Retro and Vintage Wallpapers

The 70′s style is back! Retro and vintage are two concepts very often seen in the design world of our modern days, in wallpapers, posters and other graphic works. I have prepared for your desktop some of these retro and vintage wallpapers that will surely please you if you are a fan of this movement. I must say that a favorite of this style is the apple logo which almost identifies itself with the seventies period. Also, besides the usual graphic designed wallpapers you have a few landscapes in an almost grungy style. Enjoy the wallpapers and replace that desktop background of yours afterwards.

It’s like chocolate

It's like chocolate wallpaper


Helvetica wallpaper

Retro World

Retro World wallpaper

Retro Apple

Retro Apple wallpaper

Retro widescreen wallpaper

Retro widescreen wallpaper

Retro Profile

Retro Profile wallpaper

Apple Retro

Apple Retro wallpaper

Retro laptop

Retro laptop wallpaper

Simply Retro

Simply Retro wallpaper

Retro red and green

Retro red and green wallpaper

Retro Never Dies

Retro Never Dies wallpaper

Retro Wooden Wall

Retro Wooden wallpaper

Retro couple

retro couple wallpaper

Retro Apple Computer

Retro Apple Computer wallpaper

Retro Inside – Road66

Retro Inside - Road66 wallpaper

Retro Rainbow Stripes

Retro Rainbow Stripes wallpaper

Studio Design-Retro Chic Apple

Studio Design-Retro Chic Apple wallpaper

Retro Curves

Retro Curves wallpaper

SNSD Seohyun Retro

SNSD Seohyun Retro wallpaper

Retro Style

Retro Style wallpaper

Retro School Project

Retro School Project wallpaper

Retro NES

Retro NES wallpaper

Retro triangle

Retro triangle wallpaper

Retro Returns

Retro Returns wallpaper

Retro Revenge 2

Retro Revenge 2 wallpaper

Buckle Up Boys

Buckle Up Boys wallpaper

Apple wallpaper black

apple black wallpaper

Appleseal Retro

Appleseal Retro wallpaper

Retro IS

Retro IS wallpaper

Cloud 9

cloud 9 wallpaper


Vintage wallpaper

Mac vintage ribbons

mac vintage ribbons wallpaper

Golden Vintage

Golden Vintage wallpaper

Vintage Cercle

Vintage Cercle wallpaper

Vintage Winter

Vintage Winter wallpaper

Vintage 1

Vintage 1 wallpaper

Vintage Gothic

Vintage Gothic wallpaper

Pink vintage

pink vintage wallpaper

A Novel Reason

A Novel Reason wallpaper

Vintage Swirls

Vintage Swirls wallpaper

Mac vintage 3D

mac vintage 3D wallpaper

Apple Vintage

Apple Vintage wallpaper

Globophobia HDTV Widescreen WP

Globophobia HDTV Widescreen Wallpaper Pack

Pour me Out

Pour me Out wallpaper

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