Textures In Web Design: Examples And Best Practices

Designing an awesome minimalist web design can be great, but adding in the textured elements to it can turn it into a visually stunning piece of artwork.
Today’s article will showcase some of the coolest designs that utilize textures and will also link you to some tutorials that will show you how to turn your website designs into a textured masterpiece :)

Daily Payne ↓

Daily Payne

David Arnback ↓

David Arnback

Information Highwayman ↓

information highwayman

Vegas Uncork’d ↓

Vegas Uncorkd

Bunton ↓


Epic Event ↓

Epic Event

Snook ↓


The Less is More Tour ↓

The Less is More Tour

Pilates El Paso ↓

Pilates El Paso

Cooper Graphic Design ↓

Cooper Graphic Design

James Childers ↓

James Childers

One.Twenty.Seven ↓

One Twenty Seven

Aaron Moody ↓

Aaron Moody

Frish Design Studio ↓

Frish Design Studio

TO DO’ ↓


Analog ↓


Clockwork ↓


Bahur78 ↓


Kultgrafix ↓


Thiago Leao ↓

Thiago Leao

IndoFolio ↓


Champions For Africa ↓

Champions for Africa

Deren Keskin ↓

deren keskin

Thomas Maier ↓

Thomas Maier

Jimmy Melrose ↓

Jimmy Melrose

Box of Pandora ↓

Box of Pandora

MatHem ↓


Kaue Ribeiro ↓

kaue ribeiro

The Painted Door ↓

The Painted Door

New Worship Media ↓

New Worship Media

Building your own website with textures

Below are some tutorials that I believe will be useful in learning how to use textures in web design. I hope you enjoy them – and if you know of any others, feel free to drop a comment and let us know.

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