Bunch of awesomeness wallpaper 2010 (Part 1)

Alright so I've been tossing the idea around if I want to do this due to, I'm a wallpaper whore. My collection of Bunch of awesomeness wallpaper 2010 (Part 1) and growing! I thought I would share so some of you. Other people, please share your awesomeness if you have it also if you set one as your wallpaper or just love one post on here then let us know and comment above. All right let's get this party started :)

Once again, I went through Deviantart and found some great awesomeness wallpaper that you may not even have seen before or maybe see it already, and yes they are really good, check it out yourself, use and abuse them. 

Wallpaper | Author: Younes Badi | Information: Read | (?)

Younes Badi is an aspiring designer from Rabat, Morroco. His works wrap your eyes around the vivid colors that his imagination holds. Mind Outburst is Badi's first wallpaper. Its incredible to think that its only his first wallpaper that he has ever made and that it has already taken a spot on Zixpk.com, to be among the best wallpapers in existence. Younes Bandi is an artist with lots of potential still locked inside his mind that is just waiting to be released.

Wallpaper | Author: Blanche | Information: Read | (?)

"Altitude, distance, time apart... The words are many but the meaning is the same. Sometimes you need some distance between things, whatever it may be.

To take a break, not being in focus or have anything in focus, and just enjoy being by yourself I think is something very important that we all need.
Many people today don't since "I don't have time for...". We all have the same amount of time, it's only what We decide to Dedicate that Time towards.

Take a breather, you'll feel better.
Work to live, not live to work!"

Wallpaper | Author: Foerster | Information: Read | (?)

About this artist:
Jonathan Michael Foerster's art is a rich, evocative combination of organic and crystalline elements, that creates a haunting mood. His images are the manifestation of spiritual premonitions; it's as though we've been given eyes to see the effects of otherworldly beings passing through our realm. Enjoy the deep colors and striking lines of Jonathan's art as it travels through your mind.

 Wallpaper | Author: Dominic Kamp | Information: Read | (?)

About this artist:
Castle Mountain is located within Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies, approximately half-way between Banff and Lake Louise. Visitors usually only pull over to take pictures of wild animals, so they were kind of distracted when they saw me kneeing in the middle of the road, aiming towards Castle Mountain.

Wallpaper | Author: Dominic Kamp | Information: Read | (?)

About this wallpaper:
"Since Barack Obama and his family visited Yellowstone National Park as well, there was just a little too much Secret Service for me and my camera. ;-) So, I decided to continue my photo safari trip to Banff National Park, where I encountered this beautiful, emerald colored lake.

Technique: DRI made using 3 of the 7 exposures (Smart object method) and then processed in PS with Nik Color Efex and curves."

Wallpaper | Author: Blake Summers | Information: Read | (?)

For those of us who spend most of our time working indoors in a cramped space, nothing is more pleasing to the eyes and human mind than imagining that we are amongst nature and all of its bountiful beauty.

Blake Summers in this wallpaper is able to captivate the beauty of nature and lock it in glorious high definition so that we may be able to enjoy a little bit of what mother nature has to offer right on our screens.

Wallpaper | Author: Multiple... | Information: Read | (?)

About this artist:
If you guys have visited the wallpaper section on the Zixpk forum, you may have noticed this wallpaper that was posted by one of our users called "pure." This wallpaper was created as a collaboration between An1ken and CraZy18gurl on deviantArt. This has grown to become one of my favorite wallpapers of all time because it perfectly expresses a sense of energy which is exactly what I need to keep updating Zixpk.com.

Wallpaper | Author: Kon | Information: Read | (?)

About this artist:
Kon is one of the most recognized artist on deviantart, the high standards that he puts on his own work are demonstrated countless times in his many wallpapers, iPhone themes, and visual styles. His latest work is called "Andromeda," which is an amazing HD wallpaper that explodes vibrant colors all over your desktop.

Wallpaper | Author: Kode Abdo | Information: Read | (?)

About this artist:
"I’m a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. I first started drawing when I was 6 years old, I still haven’t taken the pen out of my hand. After transferring my skills to a digital platform I’m still here where I have been working for the past 4 years. I’m still learning new skills along the way and being taught many different styles. I have been trying to create my own and my thirst for knowledge is something that never goes away. No matter how much I take I will always love doing collaborations with other talented people to learn their take on design and learn off that foundation, to create a major outcome and to be remembered for what I have done. So I have come into this designer’s battle field armed with my sketch book in one hand and my camera in the other, fighting to survive this colorful war."

Wallpaper | Author: Cocacolagirlie | Information: Read | (?)

Artist's Comments:

"You don't have to but it would be nice if you leave a comment when you download this Wallpaper."

Wallpaper | Author: NKeo | Information: Read | (?)

Artist's Comment:

Feels good to be active again, now I need to finish the other stuff I have laying around right here.Shit is doing damn good.

Wallpaper | Author: Remake23 | Information: Read | (?)

Artist's Comments:

A couple days ago I had a dream about sea.
I couldn't get it out of my head so i had to make something with it...
It was very blue and silent... there was fog... and everything was peaceful.

The wallpaper is rather simple (again) but it might charm you with its cuteness and bright colors.

Wallpaper | Author: Infinite705 | Info: Read | (?)

Infinite705 from deviantart is the lucky winner for the Intuos 4 graphics tablet. This wallpaper just captivated me because of the fantastic use of color. So congratulations Infinite705, your tablet will be shipped asap!
As for the rest who did not make it I'm sorry, but do not worry because we will still display your work here on zixpk.com.

Wallpaper | Author: Josef BartoĊˆ | Information: Read | (?)

Artist's Comments:

"Want some ice? Enjoy it - if you like it and download it."

Wallpaper | Author: Alexander O. | (?)

Wallpaper | Author: Allen | Information: Read | (?)

Artist's Comments

think this one was a quick one because I was bored and because I like to keep a steady stream of uploads coming in. With me, planets and sci-fi type stuff is nothing new.

Planet: [link]
Sky stock: [link]
Scenery stock: [link]
City stock: sxc

Wallpaper | Author: 2806 | (?)

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