35 Fantastic and Amazing Vector Illustrations Artistic Expression

The artistic expression in these vectors is amazing, the detailing in some and the impact of the artist’s thought process is awe-inspiring. A lot of them touch base with what is wrong with the society, the medium today. Many of these vectors try to express inner conflicts and many of them hint at global issues more magnanimous than one can imagine. All expressed beautifully within a single illustration. I have rounded up a collection of 35 vector illustrations for you to mull over and feast your eyes on for inspiration that goes deeper than pure aesthetic design.

1. Pseudo’s Daughter Rerub ↓


2. Eclipse ↓


3. Madam Nature ↓

Madam Nature

4. Communion ↓


5. Under My Bed ↓


6. Boy Flag Poster ↓

Boy Flag Poster

7. Naturemorfosis ↓


8. I Hate My Friends ↓

I Hate My Friends

9. Opposite Worlds ↓

Opposite Worlds

10. Time ↓


11. The Great Recycler ↓

The Great Recycler

12. The Face Of Chaos ↓

The Face Of Chaos

13. Black Market ↓

Black Market

14. Kidnapping Of Europe ↓

Kidnapping Of Europe

15. Failed ↓


16. Green Thumb ↓

Green Thumb

17. Crazy World ↓

Crazy World

18. Petrified ↓


19. Fashion Victim ↓

Fashion Victim

20. I’m The Real Designer ↓

The Real Designer

21. Your Time Machine ↓

Your Time Machine

22. The Only Apple ↓

The Only Apple

23. The Three Of Us ↓

The Three Of Us

24. Idle Hands ↓

Queen Of Hearts

25. Colorful Monster ↓

Colorful Monster

26. Silent Control ↓

Silent Control

27. These Diamond Days Of Oblivion ↓

These Diamond Days Of Oblivion

28. Let It Out ↓

Let It Out

29. The Foot Of God ↓

The Foot Of God

30. Conserve Energy ↓

Conserve Energy

31. I Thirst ↓

I Thirst

32. Rebirth ↓


33. Make Art Not War ↓

Make Art Not War

34. Where Am I? ↓

Where Am I

35. Blinder ↓


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