No div, no float, no clear, no hack*, no joke!

A CSS layout that does not rely on DIV, FLOAT, CLEAR nor structural HACK!
There are many CSS layouts out there. Some rely on AP (Absolutely Positioned) elements, others use FLOATs. The former method is considered bad practice for its lack of flexibility while the latter is a powerful solution in building robust layouts.
Unfortunately, like most powerful tools, FLOATs can be a dangerous method to employ or at least very frustrating. First of all, the FLOAT concept itself is not easy to properly understand, and second of all, FLOATs are a source of many browser bugs (mainly IE bugs) which make FLOAT constructs difficult to master across browsers… and easy to break.
This article demonstrates an original solution that addresses semantics, construct, and design issues to deliver robust layouts.

This is a sneak peek.
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