Using Brushes on Photoshop

Using brushes is a simple way of doing advanced effects very simple. In this tutorial I will show you how to install and use brushes.

First of all we need some brushes, I thought we could do a photo-manipulation with some scar-brushes.

Here is two good scar-brushes for you to download:
(Click on the 'Download to Desktop' button to download it)

You can save them anyware you want on your computer.

Now open Photoshop and click on the 'Brush Tool':

Then press on the brush or the arrow right to the brush:

You will not find a little arrow, press on that one and the 'Load Brushes...'

Find the file you downloaded, select it an press 'Load'. Do the same thing with the other brush you downloaded.

Now press on the arrow right to the brush again:

Scroll down and you will find the new brushes you have added. I opened a picture of Elisha Cuthbert and played around with the new brushes. Here is my result:



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